The CX Centric Leaders Podcast

Learn how to build your business from leaders in Customer Experience and Customer-Centricity.

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We talk to Customer Experience Leaders from around the world. These conversations are hosted by Jonathan Daniels, author of The Customer Experience Playbook.

We are witnessing the power of Customer Centricity and Customer Experience Management. More and more businesses are growing through human-centric strategy and design. And we want to share these practices with the world.

Join Jonathan Daniels, as he interviews Customer Experience leaders from around the world.

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What you'll learn:

Leading Customer-Centric Teams

How do the leaders do it? How do they create and sustain Customer-Centric teams? What sort of leadership style do they have? What is their thought process? We are keen to learn from leaders in the Customer Experience Space.

Leading Customer-Centric Transformations

So you want to become customer-centric. Its clear that it will help propel your organisation to the next level, but how do you do this in reality? We speak to leaders who have been there and done it!

Customer Experience Management

There is lots of talk about Customer Experience Management but what is it exactly? Let's cut through the fluff and find out from leaders what they are doing on a day to day basis, and how do these activities impact business growth.