CX Centric Customer Centricity Maturity Assessment.

The CX Centric Customer Centricity Maturity Assessment is a global benchmark established at the end of 2022. It measures organisations in regards to key aspects of Customer-Centricity. Head over to State of Customer-Centricity to download this year's report.

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In order to view the results of the global assessment please head over to State of Customer Centricity 2022. Completing this assessment will enable you to:

Compare your organisation against the international Customer-Centricity benchmark

● Assess where your organisation is in your Customer-Centricity journey

● Identify opportunities to drive business growth

● Create goals and plans, both short and long term

● Make impactful transformation project investments

● Save time and money by pinpointing where to prioritise for the biggest impact

We conducted the global State of Customer-Centricity research project for 2023, establishing an international benchmark in Customer-Centricity. You can download the report here.

Customer Centricity Assessment CX Centric

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